Ah! The Good Life in Stars Hollow

If you moved to a small town from the big city, what would be the most important place to connect with? Put another way, what place would make you feel most at home?

Hmmm … back when I was in my 20’s, it would have been a toss up between a bookstore and a care. How clever that Borders combined the two! But times have changed. When Molly Yeh moved to Stars Hollow, she made a beeline to Amazing Grains.

Here is the key idea

… the thing about the place is that you don’t go there for the widest selection of mustards or fanciest vinegars and cheeses, you go there because the few mustards that they sell are trustworthy and good and because maybe they have their famous harira soup that day and if not the #2 sandwich will do, and then you stay to find out how Heather’s Berkshire pig is doing, if Betsey spotted any obscure birds that morning, and what pop-up supper is shaping up for that weekend. Grains is so much more than the one place in town with kvass—it’s a community with the kind of customer service that’s done best in a small town.

that’s what you get when you are not just flogging commodities.



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