When you Control the Media, You Control Everything

Waking up today, I was thinking about how media content has changed since we started talking about the last US presidential election. Suddenly there is a huge focus on what Donald Trump says.

BTW, we might compare this to the amount of focus that Barrack Obama got when he opened his trap.  It was far less.

Trump knows how to make news by saying outrageous things. And there is more. He also makes news by condemning the media. He claims that they promote “fake news”. The latest is his assertion that the media is biased towards democratic candidates in upcoming special elections. He then makes more news about whether he will take back or change outrageous positions.

Dave Swatton reminds us of something Robespierre wrote about the french people as he was about to come into power after the French Revolution

Question: What are the obstacles to their enlightenment?
Answer: The paid journalists who mislead the people every day by shameless distortions.
Question: What conclusion follows?
Answer: That we ought to proscribe these writers as the most dangerous enemies of the country…

Totalitarianism starts by controlling the means of communication. and Trump is leading us down this path. He abetted by certain news channels. But even those that are supposedly independent are influenced by having to cover him instead of covering events.  They do not cover other important things.

This gives me a sense of urgency about our current messtoid in Washington. The longer Trump controls center stage, the more difficult it will be to move the conversation beyond him.

BTW, while you think about this, consider that the other day an attack on a refugee column stalled by logistical difficulties killed over 80 children. Trump did not comment. The news was largely ignored. Compare that to the chemical attack where Trump made big news. See the difference?


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