Impeach Trump? Not Yet

We are now several months into the Trump presidency, and it is a disaster. How else can it be described? The dude has surrounded himself with a bunch of wingnuts, losers, and renegades, attempted to impose stupid and cruel immigration rules, ranted and raved about imaginary slights and crimes and on and on.

So can we take four years of this? We may have to.  The republicans are not about to go along with any attempt to rid us of Trump as long as they think keeping him in the presidency won’t hurt them at the next elections.

The bottom line here is that anyone and everyone who thinks that this is an atrocity must start organizing for the next elections. If the dems can take back the House, there is a chance to do some damage control. If not, this will be a long four years.

One more thing. I recall the similar feeling that arose during the first George W. Bush administration. And he was re-elected.

Yikes!Eight years of Trump?


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