Have You Played Hamlet?

I have not. And sadly, I do no think I will haver get the chance. Sadly because of this comment from Edward Fox

Which book changed your life?
Shakespeare changes one’s life. They say that if you play Hamlet once, you are never the same actor again and it’s perfectly true.

Fox, you may recall, played the Jackal back in 1973.

Image result for Day of the Jackal

He was utterly convincing as the highly trained and single-minded assassin.

So why would playing Hamlet change on’s life? It may be because Hamlet is a character who fits in nowhere. He finds every avenue to connection blocked. His father is dead, his mother swooning for his uncle (who murdered his father), his beloved goes mad. He is trapped within a set of circumstances where the there is no obvious solution.

That might change a fellow! Meanwhile, you might check out Edward Fox as the Jackal. It is one of the great films, you k now.

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