Does America Need to Re-Think its Party System?

For some years now, I have held the belief that the republican party is no longer capable of national governance. That is a disaster for the country because it takes away choice from the ballot.

What has happened?  American has never been strongly “ideological” as a political culture. And yet our parties have become more ideological than they used to be. The republican ideology is warmed-over Ayn Rand. along with evangelical religion sprinkled on top.  The dems have their ideology too – wedded to finding government solutions to problems. Business is more problem than a solution.

This raises the question whether we would be better off if groups who are coping with real problems that demand pragmatic policy solutions start organizing their own political agendas. For example, folks who live in cities. We might call them the “metropolitains”. Hmmm … CityLab has a lot more to say about this.

And I would suggest we need a political grouping that is dedicated to building a better future.  We are all supposed to be thinking this way, but neither republicans now dems have clear policies on how technology can be shaped to make our kids and their kids better off.  For example, how to shift the focus towards coping with automation rather than just trying to protect jobs. For example, how to re-train our young so that they can ride waves of innovation rather than fear them.



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