Are We All Trumpsters, But Don’t Know it?

That is a scary thought. And it is one that I would resist. How could I be like him?

And then I read this (from a Norman Sloman interview at Vox)

… too often our beliefs support ideas or policies that are totally unjustified.

According to research, we tend to do this because of an inherent bias to be “right”. And we reinforce our sense of what is right from the groups that we belong to — as opposed to individual reasoning.

Trump believes that he is right even when the facts show that he is wrong. Facts matter less to him than his compunction to assert what he believes. And he has created a “community” of folks who are as convinced as he is solely because he is so convinced.

In other words, the Trump phenomenon is a reflection of something old that has been exaggerated. Something that we are all susceptible to!



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