New York: I’ll have a Short Story with that Martini!

Literary New York has its haunts. This picture gives you a peek

Dylan Thomas liked to get schnookered at the White Horse.  And there is Chumley’s in the Village – now reopened after a lost decade

Image result for Chumley's

And the old Chumley’s`? New York Times offers a few thoughts, this included

Maybe there really are no new ideas. If so, the idea of Chumley’s as a place to go on a date is one of them. Michael Kilian, who went on to be a correspondent for The Chicago Tribune and to write the comic strip “Dick Tracy” with the cartoonist Dick Locher, once explained that he was introduced to Chumley’s in 1957, when he was 18. Chumley’s, he wrote, came well recommended when he was seeking a place to take “a ‘nice girl’ instead of the rattraps I usually patronized.”

And there is more! Messy Nessy offers you a pictorial tour.

Go for it!


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