Looking for a Few Great Rosés?

Summer is on the way. The bad news is that Trump is still in the White House. The good news is that we can start thinking about what type of rosé we will flaunt..

Right. You might not be into Martha Stewart. She has had a few issues over the years. But Martha is also very smart. And she is focused these days on what wines you want.  Her idea is to offer a mixed half case at a pretty decent price.  This is wine curation, not just flogging plonk!

Which, of course, reminds me of that great connoisseur of plonk, Rumpole of the Bailey!

Image result for Rumpole of the Bailey

Leo McKerrn played Rumpole. And he was brilliant. The series was brilliant. As entertaining as Jeremy Brett’s Holmes! And Rumpole enjoyed a quick glass or three  of “ChateuauThames Embankment” before heading home to “she who must be obeyed”.

Errr … back to Martha.  Given her new focus on wine, BA asked Martha which rosés she might recommend for unique occasions. Martha obliged and at this link, you can get the list.

This category, in particular, caught my eye

At the movies, snuck into a thermos, with a jumbo bag of buttered popcorn.
2016 Voluptueux Malbec Rosé
(No comment, which, we get.)



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