Help! I’m Addicted to Moronic Entertainment!

Yes, that would be the lament of Fast and Furious fans. The latest film in this series is out, and the plot makes perfect sense

The Fate of the Furious, ups the ante with Charlize Theron as a mysterious cyber-terrorist with terrible hair, who “seduces Dom back into a world of crime that he can’t seem to escape,” forcing the fast fam to “face trials that will test them as never before.” It also features a car jumping over a submarine.

Errr … did you get that?

And here is an addict admitting her addiction

I love the Fast Furious movies, despite the fact that I’ve never owned a car and generally avoid blow-’em-up action flicks. These films are patently ridiculous, with plot holes the size of Mars, clunky dialogue, and what can only be described as an alternate interpretation of space and time. Nevertheless, I see them all on opening night—the action sequences are increasingly impressive, the cast is one of the most multicultural on the silver screen, and, to my personal delight, food plays a pivotal role.

She watches Fast and Furious films for the food? Read on, if you dare!


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