Thinking about Multi-Room Audio

A while back, my brother got me hooked on the idea of Sonos speakers as a audio solution. I will sooner or later invest in this. Though now I see that there is a less sophisticated two speaker option. BI has more – here is their pitch

I love Bluetooth speakers, but if you live in a large place and want multi-room audio, things get a little complicated.

I’ve had a chance to try Libratone’s TOO speaker, which I still think is a great solution to this problem if you value portability. You can link pairs of these speakers together into “zones,” and you can play the same audio from both at the same time.

If you’d prefer to link up multiple speakers and don’t care about portability, your best option is Sonos. The whole idea behind the well-known speaker brand is to slowly amass a collection of speakers in every room of your house. Sonos offers greater flexibility than Libratone’s solution, but again, you give up portability.

Here ar the Libratos

Image result for Libratone TOO

BTW, here is the Sonos product list.

Here is a discussion of whether you want the playbase or the playbar.  I am not into wall mounting, sI would go for the playbase.  here is one (under the TV)

Image result for Sonos playbase vs playbar

And so are Play 1’s enough? Here is the scoop!  And here is a Play 1

Image result for Sonos play 1

Go for it!



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