Is the Age of Pecorino over?

Quick quiz: Which is your go-to pasta Italian cheese. parm or pecorino?

Little did I realize it, but certain taste curators have been pushing pecorino. Consider this simulated on the air exchange

“Before adding the pasta to the sandwich,” one of the chefs said … “shower the pasta with parmesan.”

“No, no,” his co-chef said.

“Sorry, pecorino. Shower the pasta with pecorino.”

A pecorino conspiracy`Call Donald Trump! And btw, do not start eating pasta sandwiches unless you want to keep your tailor very busy.

Fortunately, Dave Tamarkin has this sorted for us. It is ok to love parm! I am relieved.

BTW, this incident reminds me of a rather interesting Monty Python cheese shop sketch. Go for it!


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