The Router Era is About to Begin

Routers are not the most exciting device in the house, right?  So far, that would be true. They are functional, ugly boxes.

That may be about to change. Clever tech geeks are starting to realize that the router is the perfect place to put the smart home hub. The router of the future will not just connect you to the web. It will be the focal point for all of the web connections your house uses. That router might also be

A wireless speaker and shopping-list keeper combined with a weather oracle and magical question-answerer that beams internet throughout your house. All of that, in a box shaped a bit like an air freshener.

Not only that, but the router may also be the main line of defense to protect all of the devices in your home from hackers.  So is this the distant future? Maybe not

A year from now, most routers will probably look the same again—just nothing like the tentacled boxes you’ve kept hidden. Instead, they’ll provide thoughtful and constantly updated security features, dead simple set up and management, and the ability to do everything from get online to check the number of teaspoons in a cup. You’ll talk to your router, and it’ll talk back. And who knows. You might even start to like the thing.

Damn!  I just got a new router! Ah well, I will be looking at upgrades soon.


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