Adidas Now Does 3D Printed Sneakers!

3d printing has been in the prototype phase for some time now. It is cool, but not yet the technology that will change manufacturing forever. And yet, Adidas may be bringing us one step closer.  From FC

Adidas (has) announced Futurecraft 4D, the company’s first mass-produced, 3D printed shoe. By the end of the year, Adidas plans to produce at least 5,000 Futurecraft 4D shoes and even more after that; price has yet to be determined.

To get this far, Adidas has had to re’invent how 3d printing works. Check out the above link for more details on that. Here is the result

“[3D printing] isn’t a toy anymore, it’s not a concept,” Liedetke tells Co.Design. “Every other thing you’ve seen from 3D printing in our industry has been a functional prototype because it’s limited by the process. But what this does is takes the limitations off. We started [this project] a year ago. Now we’ve produced [300 pairs]. In a few months, we’ll have 5,000 pairs in the market, and a few months after that we’ll have 100,000 pairs in the market. Why would I not say millions in the future?”

Indeed, why not?


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