The Thrill of DYI Space Flight … and More!

when I was a lad, each rocket lift off by NASA was a thrill. You never knew if they were going to go up or blow up. We are well beyond that now. Mankind has been to the moon, we have a permanent space station, and SpaceX and others launch re-usable rockets.

But space exploration is still very, very expensive. That is, unless you only want to go up to around 100,000 feet. Then all you need is some low-tech gear. This is turning into a hobby for some.

The next step?  DYI orbitals? DYI visits to the moon?  And eventually, holidays on mars?

My own guess — we will move from having a space station to a space-vacation destination. A resort type thing that is way, way out there. Imagine — weightless yoga!  Not to mention the erotic opportunities.

Up for it?



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