Do You Obsess Over Bling?

Here is the image

The message? Practicing a golf swing in a Versace-themed bedroom?  It is over the top as lifestyle.  Here is the story behind the pic

In entrepreneur Xue Qiwen’s Shanghai apartment, all of the furniture is made by Versace. At the time Greenfield took this picture, in 2005, golf was a prestige sport (Xue Qiwen belonged to three private golf clubs, each of which cost $100,000 to join), but, as more courses were built, the sport became increasingly accessible and was quickly pronounced passé; polo is the new golf.

Lauren Greenfield has been following this theme for some time. Her thought —

When actual social mobility becomes more difficult–and we’re seeing more wealth being held by fewer people–the fiction of social mobility becomes a substitute.” This can take a toll: She photographed …  (a) prom-goer from a low-income family who worked for two full years so that he could afford a limo ride to the prom.

The markers of wealth become more important than wealth itself?


There may be a psychological explanation. Research suggests that to become more persuasive, we must first persuade ourselves. So we take all sorts of shortcuts to that end. Put more bluntly, humans are adept at fooling ourselves.


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