President Tomahawk Does a War Dance

The dust has settled a bit after the recent belching of over 50 US tomahawk missiles launched at a Syrian airbase at Toms. We can begin to consider what this means.

For Assad – nothing. The missile attack had next to zero effect on Assad’s ability to conduct air war, even from this base.

For Trump – He got his media distraction. Lesson learned. Being president enables you to change the narrative by unleashing US military force. He now is called “presidential”.

For Putin – big positive. Putin must have been getting nervous that Trump was losing credibility as president because Putin helped him get elected.  Now the appearance is that Trump stared Putin down – attacking Putin’s ally when the man did something nasty. Putin will squawk a bit. At the same time, he no longer looks like he has a seat on the NSC.

For Syria – nothing. This strike will have no impact on the civil war. It was planned not to.

What to make of it? this was a media stunt. An expensive one, yes. but if it buys Trump political capital, he will think it was your tax dollars well spent.


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