Kickstarter as a Career Choice?

Let’s say you woke up one morning and had an idea for a cool new board game. The game would use wildly creative figures. Perhaps you were not even so sure how the game would ultimately work. but it would be total immersion in fantasy.

In a nutshell, that describes Adam Poots back in 2009. Before Kickstarter, Adam’s fantasy might have just stayed a fantasy.  but Adam did a Kickstarter campaign to create a fantasy figure, and it was funded.

Want to find out what happened next? Check out the cool video that Fred Wilson embedded.

Adam has five things going for him

  • he sees a target group – he knows his community
  • he is creative enough to add value  to that community
  • he is brave enough to put his ideas out there
  • he is living it
  • he is sharing it

Very cool.



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