Good News if You Want to Follow Tony Bourdain Around

I remember the days when Tony was just a cheeky chef who wrote a book giving the “inside scoop” on New York restaurants. Times have changed and Tony is now a celeb. He sells his unique brand of snarkiness via TV, and in new projects.

Image result for Tony Bourdain

I happen to enjoy what he does. The main reason that I enjoy it is that Tony is just being Tony. He does not strive to create an overly “managed persona”. You might contrast how he comes off with, let’s say, a dude like Bill O’Reilly. O’Reilly manages his image by forcing folks to come to him in his environment where he controls everything. Don’t believe me? Then check out what Bill O’Reilly is really like when he loses control


I don’t think that tony takes himself that seriously. His style is more like this

The line outside New Zum Zum Hotel, a blue-tented, outdoor restaurant in a residential neighborhood in central Srinagar, had begun forming at 7 a.m., Gulam Rosul explains, quietly moving among the 30 boiling pots that lined the restaurant. Cars full of customers drive up as Mohamed Shafi, the owner, sits cross-legged, ladling food into takeaway bags.

There is a sort of”I am cooler than you are” to this style of writing. But let’s face it. Tony is cooler than most of us.  And he makes a ton of money being that way. I think that is pretty cool.  Bill makes a lot more money. But cool, he aint.


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