The New Challenge for Coastal Cities

Many thriving cities are on the water. It has been, after all, one of the best ways to monetize location – by being a transit hub through a port. Even with our modern transit alternatives, this is still true.  It is also true that cities located on coasts face a rather serious issue – rising water levels.

This is not a matter for future concern only. Consider this from Wired

In Miami Beach, they call it “sunny-day flooding.” You’ll be hanging out downtown under clear blue skies—only to see, whoa, the streets slowly filling with water.

Miami Beach, Florida, is a coastal city built on porous limestone, so as climate change melts polar ice into the oceans, water is literally pushed up out of the ground. “It’s an eerie, scary, unnerving feeling, like something out of a sci-fi movie,” says Philip Levine, mayor of the city of 90,000. On days when Miami Beach actually gets a coastal storm, it can see a 2-foot flood.

To confront this challenge, Miami is investing NOW approximately $200 million.

The next time you get into a discussion about whether anything should be done about climate change, consider this story.  The bill is already coming due.


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