Naomi Klein America is NOT a Hamburger! Tell that to Trump!

Ms Klein is a rather popular Canadian author

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She became popular after her 1ˇ99 book “No Logo”.  In that book

… Klein writes about issues such as sweatshops in the Americas and Asia, culture jamming, corporate censorship, and Reclaim the Streets. She pays special attention to the deeds and misdeeds of Nike, The Gap, McDonald’s, Shell, and Microsoft – and of their lawyers, contractors, and advertising agencies. Many of the ideas in Klein’s book derive from the influence of the Situationists[citation needed], an art/political group founded in the late 1950s.

She more directly addressed globalization issues in her 2002 book “Fences and Windows”.  In this collection of essays, she makes the startling assertion that “America is not a hamburger!”

As you probably see by now, Klein is not a big fan of corporations, their tactics to maintain market share, or their politics. It is a view loved by some and derided by others.  She now turns her gaze to the Donald in a book called “No is Not Enough!”

A key motivating factor for Klein writing the book now was her contention that Trump is not an aberration but an inevitable culmination of what she called “destructive trends” such as the rise of the “CEO saviour”, which included Trump, but also figures on the left, from Bill Gates to the Clinton foundation.

While I applaud Ms Klein’s energy, I respectfully disagree with her argument here. I believe that Trump is an aberration.  I also believe that America will get beyond him. The problem, in my humble view, is that when we do this, we will also have to clean up the various messes that Trump and his merry band of idiots have left behind. This will be more difficult if one major party refuses to admit that these messes exist.

And what about corporations? Are they the evil masters of the universe to be despised? I agree that huge market power gives corporations far too much political power. The answer, me thinks, is to figure out how to strip down their market power. This can be done best with MORE globalization, not less.

But what do I know? What do you think?


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