Bannon Out, Kushner In

The latest headlines are that Steve Bannon has been ousted from his seat on the National Security Council — a seat he should never have had in the first place.

Any guesses about what is going on?

My guess is this. We know by now tha Donlad Trump is not a hard worker. He relies heavily on folks below him to do all the heavy lifting — to get stuff done that he can take credit for. He thought Bannon was some sort of evil genius who would work wonders for him, so he gave Bannon all the power that Bannon wanted. And Bannon delivered a pile of dog poop. Consider for a moment the sring of disasters – the executive orders on immigration that are in legal limbo, and the Trumpcare debacle. And consider Trump’s incredibly low poll numbers.

So Trump has decidded to move on to another person to save his butt – his 30 something son in llaw, Jared Jushner, who is advised by a 28 year old buddy.  they now rule the roost while the commander in chief works on his golf game.

The good news is that the creepy Bannon has less sway over policy. The bad news is that Kushner is obviously a puppy in the long grass. And these days, that long grass has a fair amount of danger for the US.

Remember when candidate Trump promised to bring together a dream team to manage the White House? The reality is far less than the promise. But what else is new with this dude?


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