The Global Race to Build Start-Up Hubs is On!

The future is knowledge based. Or at least I have been told around a gazillion times. Unfortunately, so far, knowledge is not evenly disbursed. Instead, it is concentrated in “hubs” that so far, have seen the most effect from moving to a knowledge-based society.

But that does not mean this will stay that way. Michael Mandel of the Progressive Policy Institute. offers some interesting data that reflects a new trend.

Young firms are producing the most jobs. You might think of them as “start-ups”. And young firms were most often located in a few start-up hubs like Silicon Valley. That is changing — we are seeing more start-up hubs emerge and with that a more diverse base for job creation.

He makes a strong case that restoring the United States’s economic dynamism and generating new good jobs rests on encouraging startups and building stronger startup hubs across the nation. He goes so far as to advocate for developing a startup policy to do so. His reasoning here echoes Steve Case’s intriguing “rise of the rest” initiative to strengthen startup hubs across the country.

A start-up policy? What a novel idea! And why just across the country? Why not make it global?


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