Of Course! Blame Everything on Susan Rice!

The Trumpsters are a rather nervous bunch these days.  And they have reason to be so. It is probable that they colluded with Russian hackers to steal the election. It is also probable that high-level Trumspershad broader ideas about cooperation with Mr. Putin.

And then there was the absurd claim by Trump himself that Obama had wiretapped him in Trump Tower. How would one defend that claim when there is zero evidence to back it up?

Why not blame Susan Rice?  Why not indeed. Best of all, few remember who the hell Susan Rice is. So it seems as if the Trumpsters might have come up with something new. And there is some evidence that Rice actually asked for intelligence!

In case you need to hear this, there is zero evidence that Rice was involved in any wiretapping. Indeed, there is zero evidence that Rice did anything other than what you would expect from a person in her position at the time.

Here is the bottom line —  from Vox

What we’re seeing now, in short, is not a legitimate debate about the threat posed to civil liberties by improper unmasking. We are seeing a toxic combination of Trump’s penchant for wild speculation, a right-wing media echo chamber, and the legacy of the Benghazi controversy coming together to produce an absurd pile-on — one that seems to have brought the Republican Party together around their remaining hatred for Rice and the Obama administration.

So how far down this rabbit hole are we going to go? My guess is that we have not hit bottom yet.


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