Sixers TalK: Tanks for the Memories!

The season is on its last legs. BTW, does anyone other than me think that NBA seasons are too long? If you are a Sixers fan, you hav eone thing on your mind –  lottery picks.  So, repeat after me, “We must lose to the Nets tonight!” Yes, it is tank time!

Who cares that the Nets have the worst record in the league! The problem is that the Sixers sit in fifth place lining up to get their ping pong ball allocation for the lottery. The Magic (who play the Cavs tonight) are one game in front of them, in fourth. The Knicks (who play the Bulls) are one game back in sixth. So an ideal night would be a Sixer loss, Magic win and Knicks win. I am dubious about the Magic or the Knicks winning here. So the Sixers MUST LOSE!

And there are good reasons to believe that the Sixers will not be able to handle the Nets tonight. Covington is out. Saric will play, but is pooped and has a sore heal. On the Nets side, Brook Lopez has been on fire at the 5 — and the Sixers are weak there on defense. As important, the Nets lose their lottery pick to the Celtics no matter what, so they have no reason to tank!

So go Nets!  We’ll kick your butt next season!


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