How did Cities Get Started?

The city of Tartu (where I live) is pretty old. Indeed, it is the oldest city in Estonia.

Image result for Tartu

The above picture shows the key resource – the river. It was the transport route that connected western traders with the Kingdom of Novgorod, across the great lake. You can see that great lake on the right side of the map below

Image result for map peipsi lake

Taru was a convenient drop off point, and it evolved into a wealthy trading post – a point of exchange between cultures. And its history was mainly about being a connecting link between east and west.

But Tartu was not the earliest of cities. The earliest city arose in southern Turkey, even before the invention of writing and agriculture. Why did people start living in close proximity back then? This video offers an explanation. enjoy!

Basically, shraed beliefs came first. Then aconomic activity. Intersting.

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