What You didn’t Know about Citrus Peels!

First, a fact –

About 38 million tons of citrus peels, considered to be “residue” of the food system, are thrown away every year worldwide

That’s a lot of citrus peels, dude!

It is not a big problem, as citrus peels decompose rather quickly. But here is the thing. It turns out that we can use citrus peels to clear wastewater by a process called “Adsorption”. Not absorption. Adsorption.

surface treatment called Instant Controlled Pressure Drop modifies the peels to become porous by increasing their surface area. This new texture readily adsorbs metals and other pollutants. Adsorption, unlike absorption, causes particles to adhere to the surface of the modified citrus peels rather than “soaking into” it.

Cool! And that is not all.

Once the first part of the process is complete, a second chemical treatment effectively harvests the peels’ pollutant coating. Those toxic metals don’t break down and are in fact valuable and able to be resold.

Check out Food Republic for the full article.


2 thoughts on “What You didn’t Know about Citrus Peels!”

  1. You can dry out the peels and use them as a firestarter. The oil ignites. And there’s a nice aroma.

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