Trump and Storylines

Donald Trump promised that electing him would make America Great Again

Image result for Trump's baseball cap

He put that slogan on his baseball cap that he wore quite a lot. He had a red one too

Image result for Trump's baseball cap

But what did it mean?  This was more than a bit foggy.

We only know that the past was great (somehow). the present sucks (somehow). But why? What happened?  What can be done about it? You can fill in the blanks. `Whatever unhappy feelings you might have about the present — and apparently a lot of people have such feelings — can fit into a storyline that the slogan embraces.

In this sense, candidate Trump was not really a politician at all. He was a novelist. In the above four words, he crafted a storyline that triggered emotions among lots and lots of people who had no idea that they belonged to a movement.  And that movement asked Trump to make them feel better.

Now we wait and see what will happen. The answer, of course, is nothing good. Nothing good because novelists do not make good leaders.  Their job is to use words to trigger emotions, not to make decisions about what to do.


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