Little League in 2050

Little league is a modern institution. It began when parents and kids both enough time to organize games for the little ones rather than just to work. And it has proved to be rather popular.

This seems to me to be a rather good place to start talking about automation. Many are concerned that robots will take their jobs. And looking at past history, they might have reason to be worried. IN 1900 30 million people were farmers. By 1990 that number had dropped to 3 million.  The overall population went way up.  The number of farmers went way down.

But that did not mean a net loss of 27 million jobs. to the contrary, the economy has created many, many more and different jobs, easily absorbing those folks who left agriculture. How does that happen?

As Greg Satell points out, it happens because advances in technology make possible new types of value added activities that were not possible before. And those new activities require humans to enjoy them. Like little league.  But not just little league Any and all types of interactions between people that add value to life.


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