Tiny Bars in Manhattan: Amor Y Amargo

Manhattan is such a scene. So many people jostling, racing, schmoozing, and boozing! That is just the reality of that place. Which is why, when I visit, I crave small and intimate places.  Places where I feel like I have escaped the hurly burly bustle rustle not to mention the tussle.

There is no shortage, my friend! If you are in the East Village, one of them that deserves your attention is Amor Y Amargo on East 6th street. It is tiny and it is dedicated to bitters.

That might sound a bit restrictive, but take my word fo rit. You will have a blast!

Image result for Amor / Amargo Manhattan

There are a few other cool spots nearby.

And, you might want to carry forward your newfound love of Alpine spirits by stocking up your home bar. No problem! Saveur offers you a nice selection.

This might get you in the mood

At Manhattan’s Amor & Amargo, an intimate bar that prides itself on its range of bitter liquids, Novasalus is the bitterest potion in the collection, according to Amor & Amargo beverage director Sother Teague. Like Zirbenz, it’s made from pine but instead is sweetened with pine sap. “Sweetened” is perhaps not the best word, since pine sap, unlike maple, is not particularly sweet. The resulting liquid is famously bitter.

“It’s got some peppery notes, some citrus notes, and of course those pine notes,” Teague says. “You can feel it on your lips. It’s sticky and lip-smacking. That’s from the pine note that comes on the back behind those flavor notes, and then it is lingeringly bitter. It stays with you.” As powerful as it is, Teague only uses Novasalus sparingly, noting that even a quarter of an ounce will alter a drink dramatically.



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