The Bottom Line on Trump

We have now seen the dude in action and it is not a pretty sight. Trump is one dimensional. He talks and that is about it. The president has to do a lot more than just bluster. Most important, he or she has to work with Congress.

And here is the bottom line.

Trump doesn’t have any leverage; the people in Congress are often more popular in their districts than he is, and so there’s no price to pay for opposing him. It’s also very difficult for Trump to persuade members of Congress when he so obviously has no knowledge of the relevant issues. Even when presidents do understand policy, it’s hard to persuade members of Congress. When you’re both unpopular and uninformed, it’s almost impossible — there is just no basis for persuasion.

As a result, this president is wasting our time. He is pretending to lead, but in fact, he is just a dead weight on the public dialogue over the future.  The sooner we can move beyond this, the better.


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