Sixers Lore. Don’t Mess with LeBron!

The Sixers got spanked by the Cavs last night. They were putting in the effort. But you could tell that this group is pooped. On the other side, the Cavs are gearing up for another Championship run. My guess is that they will make it to the finals yet again, though the Celtics will give them a battle. Can they beat the Warriors again? That I doubt if Durant comes back for the playoffs..

Liberty Ballers has a few more things to say about the game.  I say, bring on the draft! The race for the  most ping-pong balls looks like this

  • Nets – clear winner, but their pick goes to the Celtics as the result of a disastrous trade some years ago
  • Lakers – A serious amount of tanking this year. But they better hope to make it to the top three, otherwise, their pick goes to the Sixers
  • Suns – Another serious tank effort. They have Bledsoe, Booker and Bender. So there is hope for next year.
  • Magic – One game ahead of the Sixers
  • Sixers – Not a bad position, considering that next year they will see Embiid and Simmons return and their young squad has gelled
  • Kings and Knicks – Tied one game behind the Sixers. If the Kings stay in the top ten and get to pick ahead of the Sixers, the Sixers can swap for their pick. the Knicks? Yikes! My guess is that a top pick will not be enough to resurrect this aging group. But they do have Porzingis (whom the Sixers could have drafted instead of Okafor)
  • Timberwolves – Wiggins and Towns are still young.
  • Mavs – The Dirk era is just about over. We will find out next year if Nerlens can help them.
  • Pels – They could be interesting next year with Boogie and Unibrow and a high pick

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