Unami for Za’atar?

Hmmm … I thought the title sounded suitably exotic. Don’t you? But what does it mean? No, it is not code for “Pass the potato chips”. Nor is it cutesy talk directed to the drooling cat..

Here is the story. I was checking out BA (as I tend to do) for food ideas. There I bumped into an article about making hummus at home. This is something I do all the time. My recipe is very, very simple.

2 cans of chickpeas, half a bottle of tahini. Chopped garlic clove and lemon squeeze are optional.  Salt, yes if you are into it. Empty the two cans of chickpeas into the blender – add the juice from only one of the two cans. The rest go in – zing it (blend) for a few minutes while you sip on some wine and play two dots on your Ipad. And you are done.

But the BA article is  — as you might expect — a bit more elaborate. They use a lot more tahini. Too much for me.  And they use cumin and  za’atar.

Errr …. za’atar?

… a Middle Eastern spice blend that usually has dried thyme, sumac, and sesame seeds. You’ll dig it (and use it on baked chickpeas and other snacks and yogurt dips).

Image result for za'atar

Hmmm … where to find za’atar here? So I typed in a Google search for “za’atar Tartu”. And up came an e-commerce site called —- drum roll please —- Unami. Unami sells za’atar! Not only that, they can have it delivered to a post box located at my food store. Yum!

So, of course, I ordered some. More later on whether my age of za’atar has begun!


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