There Was this Yak that Wanted to Hitch a Ride to Siberia …

Yes, we are talking about something like this

Image result for Yak

Though the yak herself was not specifically thinking about hitching a ride, the yak wants to be in Siberia.

Why? Because that habitat is perfect for Yaks. And it is in our interest to help lots of yaks get there. Why? Because when Yaks live there, they tamp down the snow, and this causes much deeper freezing.  Deeper freezing helps preserve the permafrost.

And as you may have heard, the melting permafrost releases a huge amount of carbon gasses into the atmosphere. Niht gut for climate change.!

So what does this have to do with us? We can help get thoseYak to Siberia via a very cool Kickstarter campaign!

Check it out! Tell a friend!


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