Mike Flynn Proves yet Again that he is an Idiot

Mike Flynn is an odd duck. Somehow, he thought folks would not notice that while acting as the president’s top national security official, he was a paid agent for the government of Turkey,  Huh?

He also thought folks would not notice when he lied about contacts he had with the Russian ambassador about policy issues during the transition.  Huh? He didn’õt know that the Russian ambassador’s phone would be tapped? Huh?

In both cases, we have the double stupid loop. The first loop, doing the thing itself – it was dumb to accept the job as national security advisor while continuing as a Turkish agent. And it was dumb to have a telephone conversation with the Russian ambassador as a private citizen assuring the ambassador that sanctions would be lifted once Trump was in office. The second stupid loop – after getting caught, Flynn pretended that there was no big deal. Nothing to see here! Errr … there is something to see here. Even Donald Trump recognized that. Ladies and gentlemen: I present to you the double stupid loop!

So he got fired. Not because Trump wanted to fire him. But because politically, it was too embarrassing to keep him around. It was drawing too much attention to that Russian thing that is snowballing anyway. So Flynn was thrown under the bus.

Flynn is now trying to figure out how to get on in life. Hmmm … he might be prosecuted. Why not ask for immunity, as a condition for telling his story! Great idea! And this is what Flynn has just done.

Errr … I suppose that Flynn didn’t realize that such immunity is only given out when the testimony offered (1) will incriminate a “larger fish” in the pond (the president in this case), and (2) there is no other way to get that evidence. Apparently, Flynn made no effort to persuade folks that he would meet those standards. Not surprisingly, the Senate has just refused his kind request.  The FBI is likely to as well. And the house? Chairman Nunes will have to start having conversations again with his committee members before this could be taken up.

It is hard to feel sorry for Flynn at this point. During his brief stint in a powerful position, he was arrogant,  nasty and venal. Now it turns out that he was also an idiot. And he thought he would get away with it all.  Just the kind of stuff that elicits sympathy? I think not.


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