Tech and the Future of Retail

This is a topic that I followed for some time and I am a big believer that the world of retail is headed for major change. The main reason is that by and large, retail sucks. There are too many pain points. in (1) figuring out what we want, (2) finding what we want at decent prices, (3) getting good service, and (´4) getting rewarded for loyalty.

Tech can address all of these pain points. Notice that I did not say “e-commerce”. I think e-commerce will not be understood as a separate retail channel in the future. All retail will be at least in part “e”.

Another thing — we think of retail as shopping. In fact, the activity goes way beyond trips to the store. Retail is as much social as it is buying stuff. It starts long before we go shopping and it ends long after we return home. Thus, retail will creep more deeply into our daily routines adding new social dimensions and  stuff that we call marketing.

Here it comes!


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