An Update on the Man Who Studied Wine Bottles

You probably have not heard of him. But he had a mission to stop the madness. The madness of dripping wine pours.

Over the course of a three-year study, Dr. Daniel Perlman, a biophysicist at Massachusetts’ Brandeis University, perfected a new bottle design that adds a circular groove just below the lip to keep the wine from dripping down the side of the bottle as it’s poured.

Apparently, it works.  Errr … but it will not prevent your wildly gesticulating guests from shloshing red wine onto carpets, wallpaper, clothing, and event pets.

Image result for guest spilling red wine

The pets will just have to deal with it. But there is a cure for getting rid of red wine spills – club soda. Not seltzer. Club soda.


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