Prep&Cook. The Gadget that Will Eat Your Kitchen!

Today appears to be expensive kitchen gadget day. Below, I posted on the Hestan Cue, and here the Prep&Cook. Yes, it costs errr … $1k. And yes, it is big.  Here is the pitch from Epi

Prep&Cook is identified as an “all-in-one” appliance, and it appears to work just like the Thermomix does: you chop or purée ingredients using the 12-speed food processor, then keep those ingredients right in the bowl as the appliance heats up and cooks them.

Not enough?

the Prep&Cook also kneads doughs, whips cream, steams rice, slow-cooks meat, and stir-fries vegetables. (Over at the New York Times, however, the always-exacting Florence Fabricant found something the Prep&Cook can’t do, noting that “it cannot make neat shreds or slices.”)

Hmmm … does one really need such a thing? No. Would it be fun to try it out? Yes.


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