Hestan Cue: When You Must Have Perfect Scallops ..

I am a gadget freak. I usually cannot resist new kitchen gadgets and easily succumb when something new is on offer.

Ok. Confession over. Now to the trend. The Anova made a significant splash by introducing an affordable new capacity in the kitchen — precisely controlled temperature. Of course, I got one and I love it.

And no huge surprise, other kitchen gadget makers have taken note. Why not use induction to create a precise stove top gadget? Enter, among other contestants, the Hestan Cue.

Image result for Hestan Cue

It is a pricey portable induction hot plate that connects via bluetooth to a stainless steel pan and your IPad. The IPad delivers the recipe needs, and the induction plate and pan the precise temperature. to make it happen.

BA offers a glimpse of scallop perfection using the Hestan Cue. Will I get one? I am tempted, but my precision cooking needs are already met by my Anova. But I will follow the trend!


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