Frank Llyod Wright’s Demolished Buildings Live Again!

From Wired

Frank Lloyd Wright designed some of the world’s most celebrated buildings, but even they, in some cases, fall victim to the ravages of time, neglect, and disaster. Buffalo, New York’s Larkin Administration Building, one of the architect’s most renowned creations, was razed in 1950. The Rose Pauson House, an organic desert getaway in Phoenix, Arizona, burned down one year after Wright completed it in 1942.

Here is an image of the Larking Administration Building

Image result for Larkin Administration Building

And the Rose Pauson House

Image result for Rose Pauson House

These buildings were lost, but not forgotten.

… they’ve recently risen again. Not in drawings or photographs, but a series of hyperrealistic renderings painstakingly crafted by Spanish architect David Romero. “3D tools serve for precisely this reason—to be able to see that which does not exist,” he says

Very cool! Check out the above link for more!


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