Can Humanity “Get its Act Together”?

That is the question that absorbs writer Scott Santens.  More precisely, I think Scott is asking this question — as a species, is humanity maximizing its potential in its use of human resources?

I don’t know anyone who would answer “yes”.  We could do better. And I do not mean here that we could BE better people. I am not making a pitch based on morality or ethics. I argue that we could ADD MORE VALUE FASTER. We could become better off, including being wealthier.

If you don’t believe me, consider this. Work is the primary way that humans connect to the process of adding value. So far so good But studies show that relöatively few people who work are engaged in what they do.  For them, it is not a value adding process at all. They are there to take value, in terms of their pay. If that figure could be nudged up by even a few percentage points, humanity would be massively better off.

One way to do that is to provide basic income to all. Scott makes the case for this.

think of it this way. If you had a basic income, you could exit the work force and enter it more on your own terms. You would ha able to level up. Your capacity to add value would go up. This would not have to be perfect for it to be a massive improvement on what we do now.

Think about it.


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