Web Freelancers Unite!

I agree with Derek Bodner that

Nobody has really figured out how to monetize the internet. Subscriptions, unless tuned perfectly, can be self-defeating. Ads don’t pay enough, and fundamentally change the way you’re forced to write if you want to have a chance.

As you can see from the above link, Derek is giving it a shot. He will try to monetize his expertise in reporting on basketball to create a new sort of web platform for following the Philadelphia professional basketball team., the Sixers. From an initial glance, it seems that he has made a good start. Not enough to rely on this as a sole source of income, but not bad either.

It is instructive. Derek’s example shows us that this kind of web platform needs two components

  • an immediate need for regular updates about a subject that a viable target group is passionate about
  • expertise  to deliver those updates in a user-friendly way

If you have both, you may be able to build a community around an independently managed web platform. It is a matter of matching the two, even if for a limited period of time.

Very interesting. I wish Derek luck. And I hope that we can learn from his adventure!


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