Using AI to Upgrade Email

Email is supposed to be dead. It was supposed to have been replaced with better stuff, like chat. Forget it. Email has not gone the way of the fax machine. People still use it every day. A lot.  And people are getting a lot of emai. A lot of it is junk. But not all.

The time may have arrived to think LESS about getting rid of email, and MORE about making it work better. Al Wenger has a few thoughts.

I have one more. Text editors are getting better. Who will be the first to start incorporating AI tools into text editors to (1) manage the flow of emails into your inbox? and (2) help you better compose emails that suit the function of the channel? and (3) better store emails with reminders to follow up and use the information that is exchanged?

It does seem to be a rather obvious use for AI. Instead of only installing AI into odd cubes that sit in your kitchen and need new applications, why not use it in a device that has immediate use?

Errr … could it be because tech firms want to sell you new gadgets more than they want to empower you? No, that could never be true!


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