Next Step: Donald Trump Gives Up

Not too long ago, I watched the Trumster make an audacious claim. He said that Washington was broken and only he could fix it.

Remember that?

Flash forward to the present. So far, the Trumspter has not fixed anything. He has only managed to trigger multiple investigations into the conduct of his campaign, condemnation over multiple conflicts of interest, and suspicions that he is in over his head on multiple policy fronts. And his first — and supposedly easiest — legislative initiative has been a disaster. Oh! I forget to mention his bizarre focus on banning immigration from selected countries, an initiative that is unconstitutional AND stupid.

And yes, there is also the appointment to his cabinet of folks who are openly hostile to the missions their agencies are supposed to accomplish.  And while we are at it, how about the appointment of someone to the highest national security position who is a paid agent for a foreign government? Yes, that was a good one!

So where to go from here? The first thing we see is an attempt to dump all of the heavy lifting onto someone else’s desk. Enter son in law, young Jared Kushner. The White House just announced that Kushner — who like Trump has no experience in any of the policy areas he will work in — is now responsible for everything. God luck with that one, Jared!

The “fix it man” is bringing in an equally inexperienced, albeit younger fix it man to fix the mess that he has already created. Imagine that instead of being elected to run the country, Trump was elected to fix your clogged kitchen sink. Is it too much to claim that Trump has rambled into the kitchen without the right tools, disconnected a bunch of pipes, spilled dirty water everywhere, and now says that he needs to call in a specialist … who btw, has no credentials?

Not surprisingly, Trump’s approval ratings are not looking very good. Is anyone surprised? And after this misadventure is anyone in their right mind still disposed to trust populists like Trump to actually govern?

If you are, I would beg you to take a closer look at the disaster that is unfolding in Washington. It may have a Hamlet-like ending.

FOLLOW UP – Of course, the Donald has not given up one of his least endearing activities.  You might think he would, given how badly the “Obama wiretapped me” tweet storm went down. But he is back at it. Now he is tweeting how Hilary should be investigated for giving away American uranium to Russia. Shock! Horror”! Errr … except of course, that she didn’õt do it. Four Pinocchio’s to Mr. Trump!

2D FOLLOW UP – While this post is not so much about Jared Kushner, he is at least part of the story. He is, after all, Trump’s “go to guy” now. And guess what? Trump’s new go-to guy, it turns out, ALSO had unexplained meetings with Russian officials during the campaign. Indeed, one of those Russian dudes heads a sanctioned bank. Hmm … it does raise an eyebrow.


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