Meet Klara Insulander, a Throium Hero

Klara “defended her dissertation on “Thorium Fuels for Light Water Reactors – Steps towards commercialization” at the Department of Applied Physics in May (2015).”

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Why do it?

My initial interest was in nuclear physics. I have always been interested in how things work and how they are built up, probably inspired by my father who is an engineer, Klara explains. – In high school I chose the natural science curriculum and got to be part of a group of genuine nerds. I developed an existential attitude towards physics, defining the meaning of life as to finding out how the world fundamentally works – the atomic nucleus part of it. Moving on to the university, the natural thing for me was to study physics, she says.

Later she developed the interest for new applications of nuclear physics, energy systems and more efficient resource utilization. Through a guest speaker at the university, she became aware of Thor Energy’s planned thorium feasibility study and the opportunity to do the work as part of her master’s degree studies. She got in touch with CEO Øystein Asphjell and her employment was a reality.

And now you have completed your thorium studies?

– I might have completed the first stage, but this is ongoing research and every answer we find, normally spurs a series of new questions to be answered, she says. – It’s like laying the pieces in a gigantic puzzle. So there is enough to be found out about thorium to occupy me for the rest of my career, Klara concludes.

Of particular interest, Klara is not just studying thorium in the abstract, but as part of a commercial ecology. Not every scientist should think this way, but I would argue that we are all better off is some do so.

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