Career Advice: Find the Value Added and Enjoy!

Many years ago, one of my law school professors asked the class how we saw ourselves 20 years in the future.  Good question. The truth was that none of us had a clue how ou professional lives would turn out.  That was true whether one was at the top of the class or not. Some of us hoped that if we could master a given aspect of legal practice, we could step out of the rat race. But again, how to do that was unclear.

As it turned out, one thing has become clear. Success has pretty much directly correlated with learning the value added from what one does. Not just mastering how to do stuff at a high level, but seeing why that stuff is needed and therefore, how the skills involved can be applied more broadly. In other words, mastering a given skill set itself is just a starting point.

This has always been true. The new wrinkle here is that those who achieve this these days can go a lot farther. They can “plug into”amazing situations with wider networks than ever before. Here is a peek at how that might look. as a lifestyle.

As technology further accelerates the rate of innovation, possibilities to plug into opportunities to add value more broadly will multiply for those who are ready to take advantage of them. Those with a strong strategic sense of how to add value will have amazing opportunities.

This is why developing a strategic mindset is a great idea BEFIREyou need to start applying it.


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