Trump is Weakened, Trumpism is Not

The last week produced some rather amazing news. Among the top stories was the disaster called Trumpcare. It was supposed to be the easy first win of the new administration. But it never got out of the republican controlled House.

There is a lot of spin out there about what happened. Much of that spin is about how Trump and Ryan failed as leaders, and how Trump was exposed as a poor negotiator (strong arm tactics don’t work very well when you have very low poll ratings). Even more embarrassing are the stories about how Trump apparently did not even understand the legislation that he was pushing. So true enough, the Trump presidency is wounded.

The inability to pass the AHCA is only one legislative misstep. But it indicates that Trump’s desire to pass sweeping overhauls of taxes, immigration, and trade deals — even must-pass legislation like a debt-ceiling increase — is newly in doubt.

Meanwhile, one still should wonder how in the world did we get to this point? After all, if we dare to celebrate now, it is not because anything remotely connected to “policy” is being discussed in Washington. The discussion instead, is about which would be worse — enacting moronic laws or no laws at all. We are still at the public administration pre-school level.

In other words, “Trumpism” — an ideology that is based on the notion that one can win in politics with no knowledge of policy and no accountability for the results of policy choices —  is not yet dead.  Can we kill it? That remains to be seen.


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