The Odd Market for Dead Presidents

Dead presidents can no longer give speeches. But it turns out that the location of their burial sites has other significance

The relocation of a president’s body after death is not unheard-of. In 1858, the remains of James Monroe, the fifth president, were moved from New York to his native Virginia, at a time of rising sectional tension. And the coffin of President Abraham Lincoln has been moved around his burial spot in Springfield, Ill., at least 17 times, by one count, including a bizarre thwarted effort in 1876 to steal his body and hold it for ransom.

Errr … someone tried to ransom Lincon’s dead body? Yikes! Don’t people have better things to do?

The latest controversy concerns the corpse of the 11th president, Mr. Polk. Polk was not a bad looking fellow

Image result for James K. Polk

But would that justify digging up and moving his corpse to attract tourists?  Somehow, I think not.


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