Hitting the Food Stands at the Salon de L’Agriculture

I just added this event to my annual calendar. Late February, early March to Paris for this display of the various regional foods of France. Of course, it is more than that. You get to see lots of animals as well.

This might get you in the mood

Hit the food stands first, unless you enjoy eating with the scent of manure clinging stuck to your clothes. The food pavilion is organized by region so you can stroll & eat your way through each départment of France. Seek out Brittany and its oyster bars to start off light. Head to the Southwest for something more substantial. Duck sausage with onions? Duck rillettes? Follow this with at least two kinds of cheesy potatoes cooked in an enormous pan, preferably aligot from Auvergne and tartiflette from Alsace. They are lowbrow delights, but delicious ones.

Hey! Who is that guy making nice with a cow?

Image result for Salon de L'Agriculture


2 thoughts on “Hitting the Food Stands at the Salon de L’Agriculture”

  1. Went to the Salon de l’Agriculture at the Porte de Versailles many years ago. Best steak frites ever. And a great free show. Too many apple stuffed pig heads, I suppose, but that goes with the turf.

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