Anyone Remember Why Donald Trump Got Votes?

Notice I do not say “why Donald Trump got elected”. In fact, he lost the popular vote by more than 3 million.

But why did peopöle vote for him? It was not because they thought he was an agent of influence for Russia. Nor was it because they thought he would enrich himself by using the office of the presidency. Nor was it because they thought he would pick fights with our allies.

So why did they vote for him? I think it has to do with a simple persuasion tactic. That tactic was not invented by Trump. We have seen it used successfully time and time again. Trump just used it more brazenly than many have recently in our political culture.

Trump won by creating “fake crisis”. He got people riled up over all sorts of things that he said were urgent problems that US politics could not fix. Indeed, he got people riled up that politics itself was broken. He would fix everything.  This quote sums it up

Trump has roared into D.C. like the leader of a motorcycle gang, and that is fine – if you think that everyone else in town is afraid of you and that your supporters are all riding Harleys.

But that is the way for a new president to fail,

BTW, dictators have used this tactic for many, many centuries. In recent history, our good old pal Mr. Lukaschenko used it in Belarus. The country, he said, was endangered by corruption!   He became head of the anti-corruption drive. Putin is using it in Russiaö. The west, he says, is threatening the homeland!

Sadly, Mr. Trump has moved from arguing about fake crisis to creating real crises. That often happens too. That requires a second, and related tactic. CYA – Cover your ass, and find someone else to blame. I think this explains Trump’s recent — and ridiculous — outburst against Barrack Obama. He needs someone else to become the scapegoat. Someone who is even more culpable than Trump himself is. And he will keep trying to find that person.

In the meantime, we will see if the political system that we have adjusts to this abusive tactic.


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