Trump’s Naked Nude … Again!

The phrase “naked nude” was used some time ago in a satire of the way pornographic images are marketed. As a word, nude suggests something sexy. But naked nude exposes the truth that unclothed bodies are not just sex images. As real things, they can be … well … gross. And this phrase applies very well to what has just happened to Donlad Trump.

Trump has feasted on the media by making salacious comments about people. Remember Ted Cruz’s father’s alleged connection to Lee Harvey Oswald?  It is news porn, stripping bare the media’s lust for attention grabbing headlines. But stripped naked, these comments are not just false. They are gross.

The latest, and perhaps most important of these came a few weeks back when Trump accused former President Obama of wiretapping Trump Towers. It was a sensational claim. Attention grabbing. Did Obama commit a crime?

And now this claim has been exposed as false. Not a single source has offered any evidence that Obama did this. The latest confirmation came from FBI Director Comey before the House Intelligence Committee.  Not only that, but Trump himself has admitted that he tweeted this after watching an interview question that he saw on TV.  In other words, he had no evidence either. And yet, he just threw the claim out there, libeling a former president.

It is a naked nude. And this naked nude and rude comment came from our president about a former president. It did not come from the guy standing next to you on the subway, or from Uncle George who is addicted to Fox News. It came from a person respectfully called “the commander in chief”. Moreover, it was backed up by his staff, as worthy of our consideration. They insisted that there was some merit to the claim. They staked their own reputations on the notion that it was based in fact. And it libels a former commander in chief.  A person who because of his service to our country — whether you agree with his policies and decisions or not —  deserves honor and respect.

The truth here is somewhat different than what Trump and his staff have put forward. Worthy of our consideration is the conclusion that this president has breached his obligation to fulfill his oath of office … again. That truth is becoming more apparent day by day.

The question is what the powers that be will do about it. The bottom line is clear – sitting back and allowing this farce to continue demeans the country. Politicians who are not prepared to oppose it do not deserve our support. It is not a party matter (democratic or republican). It is a matter of basic decency. Alternatively, we become part of the naked nude peep show that our presidency has become.


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